IS-68 Directory of Active Mines and Mine Permits in Colorado, 2002


Lists operating mines, as well as mines with valid, active permits from DMG, that operate sporadically. Includes basic geological information for each mine, a directory listing all government-owned mining operations in Colorado. 1 plate (1:1,000,000). Digital PDF download. IS-68D

In building this publication, active mine owners were contacted by telephone to determine if the permitted mine is, in fact, operational and producing. If found to be permanently closed, these mines were not included in the directory. Some non-producing mines are described in the comment field in this directory as being “shut-in” if they were not operating at that time, but had plans to possibly restart operations.

New for this directory are the DMG permit ID number, the name of the 7.5-minute topographic quadrangle on which the mine is located, and any secondary commodities present in the mine. Also new is a listing of all government-owned mining operations, the majority of which are sand and gravel or borrow pits. These government-owned mines are listed separately at the end of the directory.