Lost Creek

The CGS report Lost Creek Basin Aquifer Recharge and Storage Study presents the results of an assessment of the potential for groundwater recharge and storage in the alluvial aquifer within the Lost Creek Designated Ground Water Basin. Water users in the Lost Creek basin are heavily reliant on groundwater from the alluvial aquifer for agricultural, domestic, and commercial uses. The primary goal of this study was to quantify the existing groundwater reservoir and additional available storage capacity in the Lost Creek alluvial aquifer and identify potential sites for aquifer recharge and storage implementation. The project involved collecting and analyzing data to evaluate the recharge potential, storage capacity, and ambient water quality in the study area. The study area encompasses the Lost Creek drainage basin and coincides with the Lost Creek Designated Ground Water Basin boundary. The Lost Creek basin encompasses an area of approximately 433 square miles and lies within southeastern Weld County, central Adams County, and the northern portion of Arapahoe County. The project report, including map figures and data, conveys the results and findings of the study.

The project was made possible by the support of the Metro and South Platte Roundtables and the Lost Creek Ground Water Management District and funding provided through a Water Supply Reserve Account (SB06-179) grant from the Colorado Water Conservation Board. Additional project funding was provided by the Colorado Geological Survey from funding from the Colorado Department of Natural Resources Severance Tax Operational Fund. Severance taxes are derived from the production of gas, oil, coal, and minerals.


Final Report (pdf file)

Lost Creek GIS Shapefiles (zip file)

Lost Creek GIS Raster files (zip file)