Denver Basin Cross Sections

The purpose of this Colorado Geological Survey study OF-11-03 Cross-sections of the fresh water bearing strata of the Denver Basin between Greeley and Colorado Springs, Colorado, 2011 is to provide graphic representation of the stratigraphic and structural relationships of the strata that provide groundwater to a large segment of the population in the Denver Basin.

The fifteen cross-sections included in the publication depict stratigraphic and structural relationships of the Upper Cretaceous through Paleogene sediments that comprise the Denver Basin Bedrock aquifers. The work represents integration of subsurface data from 737 boreholes with surface geologic mapping to provide a regional three-dimensional view of the water-bearing strata. Preparation of the sections utilized digital data from a broad array of sources including recent borehole geophysical logs. Included in the digital package is an Excel spreadsheet with the borehole data; all GIS data; 15 individual cross-section plates, two compilation plates, geophysical typelogs, and a basemap.

The West-to-East Denver Basin cross-sections compilation plate.

An additional resource for information on Denver Basin hydrogeology and stratigraphy is the CGS report titled OF-11-02 Geology of Upper Cretaceous, Paleocene and Eocene Strata in the Southwestern Denver Basin, Colorado which includes a report, two map plates, and a cross-section plate.