SP-39 The Snowy Torrents: Avalanche Accidents in the U.S., 1980-86


With all the precipitation in the Rockies this year (2016-7 — we’re at 130% normal snowpack at the moment), we thought we would re-release a publication that highlights at least one important aspect of Colorado snowfall — that is, the significant danger of avalanches. Compiled and written by Nick Logan and Dale Atkins and illustrated with Larry Scott’s fine pencil drawings, Snowy Torrents was first published in 1996. Larry went back and re-made the PDF from the original publication file, producing a file that is far better than the rather poor digital scan we had offered previously.

The volume details 146 oft-times harrowing stories surrounding avalanches, the lives they claim, survivors and witnesses, along with assessments as to what happened, why it happened, and what could have been done to prevent loss of life and/or property. The authors are never judgmental, and their clear-eyed accounts contain a wealth of wisdom that will add to the knowledge-base of any winter backcountry enthusiast.

Includes accounts and evaluations of individual avalanche accidents; classification; accident reporting form; statistics on avalanche burials; evaluation of risk and how to avoid and survive avalanches; table of all reported accidents; and a glossary of avalanche-related terms. 268 pages. 43 figures. Digital PDF download. SP-39D