OF-05-09 Shapefiles of the Oil and Gas Fields Map of Colorado


ArcMap shapefiles for the oil and gas fields, sedimentary basins and Precambrian rock outcrops. Some of the key fields in the oil and gas GIS shapefiles include the status, the commodity (oil, gas, or carbon dioxide), the pay zone (geologic formation), and the primary pay zone. When both gas and oil are produced, the field is typically classified based on the gas–oil ratio; gas fields are those characterized by 20,000 cubic feet of gas per barrel of oil or more. Field boundaries were based on information from the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) and selected industry information. Field boundaries are approximate and do not distinguish between different producing formations. Fields encompass all wells that have been hooked up to a pipeline. Dry holes may exist within the fields. Field discoveries are through 1998. (1:24,000). Digital ZIP download. OF-05-09D