RockTalk: Geologic Hazards in Colorado


This edition of RockTalk is a survey of many geological hazards present in the state. Digital PDF download. RT-01-02D

Excerpt from this RockTalk:

What geologic hazards cause the most damage in Colorado?

  • unstable rock and soils: they may erode easily, shrink and swell, be corrosive, dissolve, or have low bearing strength
  • unstable slopes: they may produce rockfalls, rock and debris avalanches, rockslides, mud and debris flows, landslides, earthflows, slumps, ground settlement
  • snow avalanches
  • explosive natural gases such as coalbed methane

The Colorado Geological Survey works to reduce the hazard, both personal and financial, that these natural changes pose to Colorado’s citizens. One way it does this is by preparing publications and programs that educate citizens about Colorado’s geologic hazards such as SP-12, Nature’s Building Codes.