OF-20-09 Review of the Jefferson County Water Supply Policies and Analyses for Land Development in Mountain Areas


This CGS review, requested by Jefferson County Planning and Zoning, focuses on groundwater/aquifer quality and quantity issues, and provides comprehensive recommendations on the management of these limited resources. Digital PDF download. OF-20-09D

From the Introduction:

Jefferson County regulates land development in unincorporated parts of the county through a set of land development regulations and zoning resolutions. While the regulations and zoning resolutions cover many aspects of land development, certain parts deal with water supply. In particular, Section 21 of the Land Development Regulation (LDR) pertains to water supply in general, and Zoning Resolution (ZR) Section 41 establishes the Mountain Ground Water Overlay District (MGWOD) for the mountainous part of the county. The latter recognizes that most of the land development in the mountainous part of the county is reliant entirely on groundwater from fractured, crystalline bedrock. Fractured, crystalline bedrock forms an aquifer that is complex and highly variable. It is often referred to as the fractured, crystalline-rock aquifer, and is very common throughout the mountainous region of Colorado. Water availability for new development from this aquifer is not assured.