OF-03-04 Published Faults of the Colorado Front Range


This publication depicts published faults in the Front Range region of Colorado. Digital ZIP download. OF-03-04D

From the Author’s Notes:

This publication is intended for multiple uses, foremost of which is to provide interested parties with digital fault data that may be used for scientific research, land-use planning, geologic hazards investigations, and other subjects where tectonics may be important. In addition, these maps also illustrate the highly variable detail of mapped faults and, in cases, complete lack of mapped faults. Every effort was made to capture all of the published faults for the study area. Use of these data is encouraged for the continued study of Colorado faults and geologic investigations.

Two map plates are enclosed with this publication. Map Plate 1 consists of an index map of all faults used in this publication (left map) color coded by source. Shown on the map on the right in Plate 1 are only the faults that were mapped between 1:24,000- and 1:62,500-scale. Map Plate 2 shows only the faults mapped between 1:100,000- and 1:125,000-scale on the left and on the right map are those faults mapped at 1:250,000- to 1:500,000-scale. The map on the right also includes non-scaled mapping.