SP-08 Proceedings, Governor’s Third Conference on Environmental Geology-Geologic Factors in Land-Use Planning – House Bill 1041


Proceedings, Governor’s third conference on environmental geology-geologic factors in land-use planning. House Bill 1041. 111 pages. Digital PDF download. SP-08D

From the Preface:

Colorado’s population and the attendant construction activities increase, the interaction between geologic processes and man’s activities intensifies. A major area of potential conflict is related to geologic processes that, when not recognized, become hazards to and increase the costs to the citizens of Colorado and their governments. The increasing awareness of this problem led to the passage of H.B. 1041 by the 1974 Colorado Legislature. The Governor’s Third Conference on Environmental Geology was convened September 25-26, 1975, to bring state and local officials and consultants together.