B-32 Prairie, Peak and Plateau: A Guide to the Geology of Colorado


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Guide to the geology of Colorado. 126 pages. 80 illustrations. Digital PDF download. B-32D

Interest in this popular and attractive presentation of the geology of Colorado has resulted in sales of more than 35,000 copies and an unprecedented fifth printing. It has been widely used in high school, college, and adult education classes. It also has provided enjoyment and information to both the tourist and native who are fascinated by the endless variety of Colorado geology and scenery.

Scenically, Colorado is divided into three provinces: the Plains or Prairies on the east, the Rocky Mountains bisecting the state from north to south, and the Colorado Plateaus on the west. There are a number of local variations of course, but by and large the provinces are clearly defined. These three divisions form the basis for our discussion of the geology of Colorado, for the scenic differences are almost exactly paralleled, and usually controlled, by differences in geologic structure.

This book is organized into a discussion of 1) Colorado’s three provinces, 2) Geologic history of Colorado, and 3) Geology and man in Colorado. The last of these incorporates discussion of Colorado’s natural resources, such as gold, silver and other metals; radioactive deposits; oil, natural gas, and oil shale; coal; construction materials; gems; water; and environmental geology.