RS-18 Geothermal Resource Assessment of Hartsel Springs, Colorado


Geothermal resource assessment of Hartsel Springs, Colorado. Includes geology, hydrogeology, geophysics, and geochemical resource assessment results. 86 pages. 30 figures. 6 tables. 6 appendices. Digital PDF download. RS-18D

Hartsel Hot Springs consists of two hot springs identified as Spring A (west) and Spring B (east), both having a temperature of 54°C (130°F). Spring B has a discharge of 50 gpm. The springs are located in a swampy area along U.S. Highway 24 on the south side of Hartsel, Colorado. Exploration results suggest that the Santa Maria fault passing through Hartsel serves as a conduit for warm water coming from the east. Hot water from depth may be forced upward due to an impermeable horst block adjacent to the fault. Water quality data from these springs is included in the report appendix, along with an evaluation of soil mercury concentrations used to delineate faults or permeable zones.