SP-10 Hydrogeologic and Geothermal Investigation of Pagosa Springs, Colorado


Hydrogeologic and geothermal investigation of Pagosa Springs, Archuleta County, includes information on geology, geophysics, geothermal, hydrology, drilling program, testing, and well samples studies. 96 pages. 3 plates. 14 figures. 17 tables. Digital PDF download. SP-10D

The area of investigation included 211 square miles centered on the city of Pagosa Springs. This area was selected due to it geothermal resource potential and community interest. It had known hot springs with adequate subsurface temperature and measured surface flows which justified further reservoir investigation.

This report presents the results of the investigation including two resistivity surveys, a seismic reflection survey, and a soil mercury survey. Additionally, a geothermal test well was drilled, a heat flow study conducted, and a survey of the existing springs and hot wells were carried out. Sampling and chemical analysis was performed on Hot Spring Vent A in Pagosa Springs and three thermal wells.