IS-64 Historic Coal Mines of Colorado


This publication includes information for all known coal mines that operated in Colorado between 1864 and 2008. There are 1,747 coal mines or prospect pits listed in the (Microsoft Access) database, which describes the coal mine name, location, geologic setting, coal quality data, production, with additional remarks and references. Digital ZIP download. IS-64D

Source data originated from the CGS Open-File Report OF-79-01 Colorado Coal Reserve Depletion Data and Coal Mine Summaries. That report contains nine volumes of data sheets for 1,694 coal mines with 55 maps depicting historic mine locations. The data were compiled into a database — originally completed in 2001 and 2002 and updated between 2006 and 2008. The objective of the publication is to provide a complete listing and description of all the known coal mines in Colorado for use by the coal industry, natural resource researchers or developers, government planners or regulators, public land managers, and interested citizens.

A GIS shapefile file (.shp), was created from the tabular data for the 1,574 mines with known or inferred location data. The GIS data includes a map of the state with coal mine point locations. Each mine is represented by a point identification usually locating a main adit or entrance to an underground mine. Often it may be the center of the mine, as is the case with surface mines. Data accuracy is derived from the source data of 1:126,720 scale maps of Boreck and Murray (1979).