MS-14 Geothermal Resources of Colorado


Geothermal resources of Colorado. Colorado’s geothermal resources are varied in character and scattered in the western half of the State. In recent years most geothermal exploration has been directed toward high-temperature (>150°C) resources and has tended to ignore the intermediate-temperature (90-150°C) and low-temperature (<90°C) systems. Three high-temperature areas are now being evaluated, at Mount Princeton Hot Springs, Poncha Hot Springs, and Cebolla Hot Springs. Numerous intermediate- and low-temperature resource areas can be exploited for varied significant uses and are expected to supply a large part of the State’s energy needs in the years to come.

There are approximately 130 thermal springs and wells in 58 areas of western Colorado. The temperature range is generally from 20°C (68°F) in some areas to a high of 83°C (181°F) at Hortense Hot Spring (Mount Princeton). Discharge rates are less than four L/min (liters per minute) at Trimble Hot Spring and Browns Canyon Warm Spring to more than 8300 L/min at Glenwood Springs. Dissolved mineral matter ranges from 84 mg/L (milligrams per liter) at Eldorado Warm Springs to a high of over 21,000 mg/L at Glenwood Springs. 1 plate (1:500,000). Digital PDF download. MS-14D