GEO-1927-01 Geology and Natural Resources of Colorado


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A classic volume written for the general public by R. D. George, the first Director of the CGS from 1908 through 1926. Digital PDF download. GEO-1927-01D

From the Preface:

This little book is an attempt to bring within the compass of a small volume a discussion of several subjects, each of which is worthy of the space available for all. The necessary condensation has doubtless led to a disproportionate allotment of space, and an inequality of emphasis which it is hoped will be overlooked.

The geology of Colorado is written in the rocks. From this great book are here presented translations of a few paragraphs. The scenery of Colorado is a gallery incomparable. Words lack form and light, color and life-the essence and soul of scenery. At best they can but call attention to the elements associated in the picture. They cannot convey the beauty and harmony of the assemblage.

The climate of Colorado may be compared to a tapestry, woven from sunshine and cloud, wind and temperature. Tables and data cannot present the qualities and charm of the blending of these elements in the days and the seasons. The physical resources of the state appeal to the practical side of the people, and prophecy is asked of him who would write about them—a declaration of the present and a promise of the future.

Grateful acknowledgment is here made to Professor Herbert C. Hanson, of the Colorado Agricultural College, for the substance of the pages on pasture lands and forage plants; to the National Forest Service and the State Forester for assistance in the too brief discussion of the timber resources and their conservation; to Professor Keser for notes on Colorado soils.