MI-102 Golden Rocks: The Geology and Mining History of Golden, Colorado


A detailed volume—written for the general public—that explores many fascinating features of the human and geological history of the town of Golden, the home to both the Colorado School of Mines and the Colorado Geological Survey. The authors, Donna Anderson and Paul Haseman generously made this comprehensive and well-researched work available for free to the public. Digital PDF download. MI-102D

From Chapter One:

Have you ever wondered how the landscape around the City of Golden came to be? Why are North and South Table Mountains so flat? What’s up with all those rock fins on the back-nine at Fossil Trace Golf Course? What are those white stripes along the sharp ridge west of State Hwy-93 to Boulder? Were there ever any dinosaurs in Golden? Where did those round rocks in the Armory Building come from? Did anyone ever find any gold in Golden? Did you know that Golden was a mining town from 1870 through the 1950s? And, that most of the public open space in and around Golden has its roots in mining?

This book answers these questions and more by unraveling the tapestry of the Golden landscape. You will discover the origins of what you are walking or cycling by, driving across, golfing over, or simply just seeing every day when you walk out of your home. You will learn the story behind Golden’s good drinking water. You will learn how Golden’s early settlers used their local rock materials to build Golden and Denver, a legacy that still provokes controversy.

Our sincere THANKS! to the authors for generously making this book available for free to the public! Kudos!