EG-02 Engineering Geology Report for Planning District 1, Colorado


Engineering geology report for planning District 1, Colorado. 17 pages. 1 plate (1:250,000). 6 figures. Digital PDF download. EG-02D

Excerpt from the report:

The purpose of this report is to present the results of a comprehensive investigation of the geology and engineering geology of Planning District #1, State of Colorado. District #1 includes the counties of Morgan, Logan, Washington, Yuma, Phillips and Sedgwick.

Within the Planning District, specific geologic factors which should be considered to insure safe, efficient and environmentally sound land use decisions. This investigation was done on a reconnaissance basis and the factors include, but are not limited to, the following:

a. Mineral resources which affect land use decisions
b. Massive land movements or other unstable surface conditions
c. Areas of swelling soils, settling soils or other soil factors that will affect foundation construction
d. General areas of flood danger and/or erosional hazards
e. Areas of high water table, both permanent and seasonal
f. General geologic constraints that will affect selection and operation of solid waste disposal sites
g. Pollution potential and other possible hazards associated with old mine tailing dumps.
h. Other critical factors which may become evident during the course of the study.

Geologically, District #1 is similar throughout and the area has shared a consistent geologic history. Specific geological engineering and planning considerations were given to the following soils and rocks: alluvium, loess, dune sand, sedimentary rock and the Pierre Shale.