SP-55 Engineering Geology in Colorado: Contributions, Trends, and Case Histories


Published jointly by the Association of Engineering Geologists (AEG), SP-55 is a series of 66 papers with key topics including: Overview and Geology of Colorado; History and Evolution of Engineering Geologic Practice in Colorado; Transportation; Dams; Tunnels/Underground Construction; Landslides, Rockfalls, and Debris Flows; Faulting/Earthquake Hazards; Expansive and Collapsible Soil and Bedrock; Groundwater/Environmental; Mine Development and Remediation; Land Use Planning. NOTE: This PDF file was compiled from an interactive CD, so the internal links in the Table of Contents and Author Index do not work. Use the Adobe Acrobat search function to find particular articles. Digital PDF download. SP-55D

SP-55 is a compilation of facts, knowledge, and experience pertaining to the state’s geology, geological processes, and geological hazards. It also contains numerous instances where this knowledge is used to benefit the public health, safety, and welfare.

Although no volume can completely encompass the breadth of the history, current practice, and future engineering geology trends, these papers provide an overview of the practice in Colorado – from the eastern plains to the peaks of the Rocky Mountains to the plateaus, mesas, and canyons of the western slope; from the perspective of private individuals, consultants, local, state, and federal officials, and from academia. Notable case histories are covered along with examples of current practices, future trends, and research needs.