OF-78-03 Earthquake Potential In Colorado


Superseded by B-43 Earthquake Potential in Colorado, A Preliminary Evaluation. Digital PDF download. OF-78-03D

From the introduction:

This investigation was undertaken to better understand the earthquakes of Colorado and to attempt to predict where and how large future seismic events might be. To accomplish this goal, both the earthquake history and geologic history of recent fault movements were studied. A great deal of this information was available In the literature. Existing information was evaluated and additional data were obtained from geologists and geophysicists familiar with Colorado seismicity or the recent geologic history of specific areas. Several fault systems, in particular the Golden, Sangre de Cristo, and Sawatch faults, were further analyzed by the authors through interpretation of black-and-white and color aerial photography and color IR, thermal IR, and SLAR imagery, field mapping, and trenching. A twenty-day micro-earthquake survey in the Elkhead Mountain-Steamboat Springs area added to the understanding of certain problems with seismicity in that area.