OF-84-02 Colorado Desorption Samples: Descriptive Statistics and Gas Prediction Equations


Descriptive statistics and gas prediction equations of Colorado desorption samples. Includes quantitative description of 209 core samples in tables, histograms, graphs, etc. (See data analysis in OF-81-04.) 84 pages. 2 figures. 4 tables. Digital PDF download. OF-84-02D

From the Abstract:

Methane, proximate, ultimate and petrographic data for 209 Colorado desorption samples are presented in tables by State and by basin. The data are statistically described (mean, median, range, standard deviation, etc.) and methane content is correlated with the other data. Depth, vitrinite reflectance, carbon, and heating value show the expected positive correlation, with gas content and exinite, moisture, volatile matter, and oxygen the expected negative correlation. Regression equations are derived using the proximate, ultimate and petrographic data to predict methane contents of coals whose gas has not been directly measured. Equations with errors of less than 100 cubic feet/ton are calculated for the entire State and the individual coal basins – the Denver, San Juan, Sand Wash, Raton, and Piceance.