OF-80-11 Community Development of Geothermal Energy in Pagosa Springs, Colorado


Model study of community geothermal development in Pagosa Springs, Archuleta County. 58 pages. 9 figures. 15 tables. Digital PDF download. OF-80-11D

The town of Pagosa Springs, Colorado occupies a site around the mineral hot springs that Indian people drawn to the area called “Pagosa,” meaning healing waters. Since the early 1900’s, geothermal energy has been used to heat buildings in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. With U.S. Department of Energy funding assistance, the town is now planning a district heating system for its central business district.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) requested as part of the Geothermal Commercialization Project study a detailed analysis of one direct-use geothermal project actually under way. Pagosa Springs was, therefore, the logical candidate in Colorado for this detailed analysis. The analysis follows the format of area and site specific studies, but describes in detail the recent, current, anticipated, and postulated geothermal development activities. This report also discusses the area economy, and requirements for and potential of geothermal energy development. Data in this report were compiled during the first part of 1979.