RS-13 Coal Resources of the Denver East (1/2° x 1°) Quadrangle, Colorado


This report and series of maps present the findings of a cooperative investigation conducted by the CGS and funded by U.S. Geological Survey Grant No. 14-08-0001-G-487. It is part of a nationwide program sponsored by the USGS to assess the quality and quantity of the nation’s coal resources, as authorized by the Federal Coal Leasing Amendments Act of October 1975. Includes drill-hole locations, total coal thickness, structure contours, overburden isopachs, cross sections, general stratigraphy, resource estimates by coalbed and county, and drill-hole data tables. 25 plates (various scales). Digital PDF download. RS-13D

From the Introduction:

The primary goal of the investigation was to evaluate the coal resources in the 1,780 sq mi (4,610 sq km) Denver East 1/2° x 1° quadrangle. This was accomplished by re­searching existing data, which included drillers’ and geophysical logs from explora­tion holes, water wells, oil and gas wells drilled by numerous individuals and companies, and other miscellaneous investigations. Sources of these data include the Colorado Division of Water Resources (water well information), the Colorado State Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (oil and gas well logs), the Colorado State Board of Land Commissioners (various logs of holes drilled on state proper­ties), and exploration holes drilled by industry. This was followed by a drilling and coring program in areas where additional data were needed. Information obtained from the CGS drilling and coring program is contained in Colorado Geological Survey open-file reports OF-80-01 and OF-80-09. All information pertinent to this investiga­tion is used as data for interpretation, with certain proprietary information deleted on the final versions.