RS-45 CO2 Sequestration Potential of Colorado


This publication provides a detailed characterization of the carbon dioxide emissions and carbon storage potential of Colorado. Storage options for the state are diverse, including oil and gas reservoirs, coalbed reservoirs, deep saline formations, and advanced mineralization engineering. The CGS participated in Phase I of the Southwest Regional Partnership on Carbon Sequestration Project where the primary objective was to characterize the CO2 environment throughout the southwestern region of the U.S. For the State of Colorado, this task consisted of the following three subtasks: (1) assemble CO2 source data, (2) assemble CO2 sink data, and (3) estimate carbon storage capacity. These results were incorporated into a geographical information system for public-access and regional-based analysis. The report briefly discusses the methodology, data sources, and findings for each of these subtasks. Several centuries worth of carbon storage are identified based on current carbon emission levels in Colorado. Digital ZIP download. RS-45D