WAT-2008-02 Coalbed Methane Stream Depletion Assessment Study – Raton Basin, Colorado


This is the third of a series of coalbed methane (CBM) stream depletion assessment studies made in collaboration with S.S. Papadopulos & Associates, Inc. Focusing on the Colorado portion of the Raton Basin, in Heurfano and Las Animas counties, the the report examines the effects of CBM production on water resources. Digital PDF download. WAT-2008-02D

From the Executive Summary:

The Raton Basin produces a significant amount of coalbed methane (CBM). Typically, in conjunction with the production of CBM is the production of water. In the Raton Basin in Colorado there are concerns with the amount, quality, uses, and effects of CBM produced water and with how the production of water may be affecting CBM gas seepage at the surface. Specific to this study, there are concerns that the removal of water from aquifers that may be tributary to the surface stream system could be resulting in stream depletions that could impact water rights holders, the State of Colorado, and downstream water users not in Colorado. For these reasons it was considered important to evaluate the extent and impacts of CBM water production in the Raton Basin in the context of the regulatory framework associated with the production of CBM water.