IS-22 Annotated Bibliography of Subsidence Studies over Abandoned Coal Mines in Colorado [2010 update]


IS-22 is a compendium of (land) subsidence investigations completed by both private companies and public agencies across the state. It is divided in three parts: Part I, is an annotated bibliography, listed by county, and including author, title, county, location, mine name(s), availability, and contents identified for each study; Part II, selected references that are too general for location on the index map; and Part III, listing sources of information Federal, State, and local agencies that provided subsidence data.

Originally published in 1984, IS-22 was updated in October 1984, April 1986, June 1989, and had an extensive update in 2010. The 2010 update is appended at the beginning of the PDF download and includes many new entries as well as seven maps detailing approximate locations of mine subsidence investigations. A cooperative investigation conducted by the CGS and funded by the Division of Mined Land Reclamation, Inactive Mine Program, Colorado Department of Natural Resources, through a Federal government grant, the bibliography facilitates further study of undermined areas that are subject to increased development pressure from Colorado’s growing population. 256 pages. Digital PDF download. IS-22D