IS-19 Bibliography and Index of Colorado Geology 1981-1982


Bibliography and index of Colorado geology, 1982-1982. Update of Bulletin 37 and Bulletin 45. 111 pages. Digital PDF download. IS-19D

To our knowledge Colorado is the only state with a current bibliography which also extends back as far as 1875. The first comprehensive state-wide bibliography was the CGS Bulletin 37 covering the century from 1875 through 1974. This continued with Bulletin 45 covering 1975 through 1980, and now this publication covering 1981- 1982.

Please note that there are later publications which complement the series, Information Series 21 covering 1983 and Information Series 30 covering 1984 through 1989. All the citations in these publications are included in the American Geological Institute GEOREF database.