IS-41 Active Permitted Mine Operations in Colorado, 1995-96


Lists coal, metal, gemstone, building stone and non-metallic mines, and sand and gravel operations. Includes locations on a state map and a directory by county with mine type and commodity. 52 pages. 1 plate (1:1,000,000). Digital PDF download. IS-41D

This directory provides historic information on active mines during the 1995-1996 time frame. It was updated by IS-45 Active Permitted Mine Operations in Colorado, 1996-97, and is later expanded on in IS-68 Directory of Active Mines and Mine Permits in Colorado, 2002.

Sources used to compile this data set include: a) The Colorado Division of Minerals and Geology (CDMG) database of permitted mines and quarries, which lists operations as active that are either in production, out of production and in a reclamation process, or in suspension; and b) Individual mine and quarry files in the offices of CDMG, which in some cases do not clearly reflect current status.