Blasting rock at the Cresson mine near Cripple Creek and Victor
Colorado ranks fourth in the U.S. in gold production behind Nevada, Alaska, and Utah. Total Colorado gold production in 2011 was 265,000 ounces, for a net value of $318 million.

The Cripple Creek and Victor Mine in Teller County (pictured at right)is the top Colorado producer of gold and silver. Additional small amounts of gold were probably produced from small placer (gravel) or lode mines that do not publicly disclose production figures.

Gold is used mainly in jewelry, coins, and bullion. However, 10 to 20 percent of gold is used in electronics, dentistry, and industrial applications. Gold possesses superior electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance that makes it important in computer hardware, communications equipment, spacecraft, and jet engines.

Gold production by county (pdf chart).

Historic gold production and value
Historical Gold production (Troy Ounces)and Value ($ millions) in Colorado