Trail Ridge Sackungen

One of the best places in Colorado to view these significant geologic features is from Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park (40.41653 N,-105.74619 W) near Iceberg Pass. Notice how in the aerial view below that the sackungen are concentrated in the vicinity of Iceberg Pass but not so noticeable as one moves along Trail Ridge away from there. That is probably because the ice in the cirque on the north side of the pass was eating back toward the ice of the glacier in Forest Canyon. Therefore, when the ice was no longer there to support the narrow ridge, the forces within the ridge caused it to begin spreading.

Photo by Vince Matthews

Sackungen are easy to view in the Alpine tundra of Colorado’s highest continuous highway — perhaps even easier when you fly over in an airplane!

Trail Ridge aerial image

Trail Ridge aerial image showing parallel sackungen

Left – Photo by Vince Matthews. Right – Aerial image showing parallel sackungen