Colorado Geological Survey

Providing service and science to the people of Colorado

The Colorado Geological Survey (CGS) is a state government agency within the Colorado School of Mines whose science-driven mission is to:

  • Help reduce the impact of geologic hazards on the citizens of Colorado
  • Promote responsible economic development of mineral and energy resources
  • Provide geologic insight into water resources
  • Provide geologic advice and information to a variety of constituencies

By providing sound information and new knowledge, the Colorado Geological Survey contributes to economic growth and improvement in the quality of life for Colorado’s citizens.

Colorado Mineral & Energy Industry Activities 2015-16

The newest edition of the annual CGS review of the state's extractive industries.
This report is based on 2015 production data and sketches a comprehensive overview of Colorado's mineral resource production including oil & gas, coal, and non-fuel minerals.

Colorado Stratigraphic Chart

New collaboration between the CGS and the Denver Museum of Nature & Science...
This beautifully offset-printed 42x39-inch color chart was designed from the ground up to illustrate the Proterozoic to Holocene stratigraphy that spans the state's many sedimentary basins.

Colorado's Hot Spots

Research uncovering new potential for Colorado's geothermal resources...
The Interpretive Geothermal Heat Flow Map of Colorado depicts the movement of heat from the Earth's interior to its surface in Colorado. The geographic distribution of heat flow is one of several indicators of the location of potential geothermal resources in Colorado.

Colorado's Earthquakes

A state-wide seismometer network monitors movement...
Seismicity in Colorado is more active than one would imagine and there is potential risk associated with numerous fault zones around the state. Earthquake loss assessments are part of our statewide risk analyses.

Mapping Colorado's Geology

Through our ongoing STATEMAP geologic mapping program...
Our STATEMAP mapping program has produced a total of 107 geologic quadrangles to date, with another 10 in progress. The maps are focused on high-growth areas throughout Colorado. STATEMAP is one of three components of the National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program (NCGMP).

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