OS-03 Tax Lead Time Study for the Oil Shale Region: Fiscal Alternative for Rapidly Growing Communities


Tax lead time study for the oil shale region-fiscal alternative for rapidly growing communities. 209 pages. Digital PDF download. OS-03D

Excerpt from the report:
Based on currently used revenue sources, public revenues are likely to be insufficient in the oil shale region for the first five to eight years after development is initiated. The basic problem is timing and distribution of tax revenues to support new development when and where needed. This problem primarily affects cities, towns, and school districts.

The basic purpose of this study is to review alternative revenue sources for local governments and potential techniques for handling revenue timing and distribution problems created by rapid population growth. The discussion of the oil shale industry and what is likely to happen or not to happen is under constant speculation and revision. Information and projections contained in this report are furnished to provide a context for problem solving by local governments in the oil shale region.