SP-27 Scenic Trips into Colorado Geology: Uncompahgre Plateau; Montrose, Ridgeway, Norwood, Naturita, Uravan, Gateway, Delta


Geologic guide to mountain ranges, canyon mazes, high-country deserts, and river valleys around the Uncompahgre Plateau in southwestern Colorado — a scenic and geologically exciting area and some of the most rugged country easily accessible to motorists. Includes road log, points of interest, color photos, colored geologic map, stratigraphic column, and cross section. 1 plate (1:250,000). Digital PDF download. SP-27D

Also included on this tour guide are references and suggested additional readings. The road trip tour begins in Montrose and covers parts of Montrose, Ouray, San Juan, San Miguel, Mesa, and Delta counties. The road log is broken into segments so you can leave or enter it without having to recalculate mileages. Also reverse mileages are provided so you can travel in either direction. Segments include Montrose to Ridgway, Ridgway to Placerville, Placerville to Vancorum, Vancorum to Gateway, Gateway to Whitewater, and Whitewater to Montrose. We would note that the digital scan quality of the original map is not very good: we do hope to upgrade that and other scans in the future!