OF-96-04-25 Oblique Laramide Convergence in the Northeastern Front Range: Regional Implications from the Analysis of Minor Faults


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Field trip no. 25 from “Geologic Excursions to the Rocky Mountains and Beyond,” field trip guidebook of the 1996 Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America. (SP-44 has the complete set.) 11 pages. Digital PDF download. OF-96-04-25D

From the Trip Overview:

Faulting in the northeastern Front Range provides both an excellent test of Laramide tectonic models as well as surface analogs of fractured petroleum reservoirs. The field trip will examine the large-scale back-thrusting on the northeastern margin of the Front Range arch and the associated fractured strata. Several different methods of fracture analysis, ranging from simple conjugate geometry methods to complex stress tensor inversion calculations, will be compared on the outcrop. Examples of structures produced from regional and localized stress fields will be shown.