OF-75-03 Mineral Resources Maps of Moffat County, Colorado


Three plates showing mineral resources of Moffat County. Covers 1) Coal, Uranium, Geothermal Resources, and Metallics; 2) Oil and Gas, Oil Shale, Sand and Gravel, including a stratigraphic column for the county; and 3) Text and Statistics. 3 plates (1:126,720). Digital PDF download. OF-75-03D

Excerpt from Plate 3:

Coal is the most abundant mineral resource in Moffat County. It occurs in the Iles and Williams Fork formations of the Mesaverde Group and in the Lance, Fort Union, and Wasatch formations. Oil and Gas discoveries as of the date of publication were found in the topographic basin on the northwest flank of the Sand Wash Basin, the area along the Colorado-Wyoming state line. Oil shale occurs in the Green River formation, which is exposed in a large area of the county.

Placer gold was produced from gravel benches and stream terraces along gulches tributary to the Little Snake River, Four Mile Creek, and Timberline Creek, and a few other small areas. Uranium ore was mined in the 1950s in the Browns Park formation. It was also investigated in the early 1970s for possible solution mining. Copper and silver were produced from the Bromide Mine in the Douglas Mountain District about 10 miles southwest of Graystone. Geothermal possibilities exist at the Juniper Hot Springs area.