IS-62 Digital Inventory of Industrial Mineral Mines and Mine Permit Locations in Colorado


This digital inventory, compiled in 2002 from earlier data, provides information on industrial mineral mines and mine permit locations for use by the minerals industry, county planners, natural resource scientists, public land managers, and others interested in the location of industrial mineral mines or potential mines in Colorado. The information is provided in spreadsheet as well as GIS shapefile format. The two main data sets used in this publication were maps compiled by CGS in 1981 along with a data set derived from the Colorado Division of Minerals and Geology permit database that contains mine permits from late-1973 onward. Additional map data has been added to provide the user with geographic references to mine locations. Digital ZIP download. IS-62D

The term “industrial minerals” in this database applies to all nonmetallic, non-fuel minerals and rocks, including those such as sand and gravel that might otherwise be known as “construction materials”. The database includes abandoned mines as well as mines operating as of mid-2001. It also includes sites that have had mine permit applications filed, but did not become operating mines.