OF-80-13 Geothermal Energy Potential in the San Luis Valley, Colorado


Current use and long range potential for development of geothermal energy; existing and forecast energy demands in the San Luis Valley, Costilla County. 44 pages. 10 figures. 14 tables. Digital PDF download. OF-80-13D

The San Luis Valley Region (Colorado Planning and Management Region 3), south-central Colorado, is considered by many residents to be a prime area for geothermal energy development. Several very successful geothermal agricultural facilities are located there now (Section III of the report). This report attempts to indicate what amount of geothermal energy is currently used and what the long-range potential is for further development in the valley.

For this analysis, several kinds of investigations are conducted. The first is an investigation of the background of the area itself (Section II). The attributes considered are the geography, population, economy, and attitudes of the residents. Considered, too, are the energy demands of the area, specifically the moderate temperature thermal energy. Both existing and forecast demands are examined.