OF-10-03 Geologic Map of the Severy Creek Watershed, Teller and El Paso Counties, Colorado


The purpose of the study was to map the bedrock and surficial geology, and determine the relative age of the units of the Severy Creek watershed. The final map and GIS data aids in the overall understanding of the past geologic history of the basin and how the structural geology of the basin influences current geomorphic processes. The geologic mapping for this project was completed in the fall of 2009. Digital PDF/ZIP download. OF-10-03D

From the map plate:

The Severy Creek Watershed is located on the northern flank of Pikes Peak, in Teller and El Paso Counties, Colorado. Severy Creek originates at an elevation of approximately 11,500 feet and flows 4 miles to its confluence with Cascade Creek at 8,500 feet. The watershed serves as a catchment for water that is used by the City of Colorado Springs and surrounding communities as well as an important habitat for the threatened Colorado greenback cutthroat trout (Oncorhynchus clarkistomias). Within the watershed lies the Severy Creek wetland which encompasses 14.5 acres.