OF-98-02 Geologic Map of the Ludwig Mountain Quadrangle, La Plata County, Colorado


Includes cross section, booklet of extended descriptions of map units, economic geology, fracture data, rose diagrams of joints, table of fracture data, rose diagrams showing fracture trends, and references of the Ludwig Mountain Quadrangle, La Plata County. 23 pages. 1 plate (1:24,000). Digital PDF download. OF-98-02D

From the Author’s Notes:

Geologic mapping of the Ludwig Mountain 7.5-minute quadrangle was undertaken by the CGS as part of the STATEMAP component of the National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Act. The Ludwig Mountain quadrangle was selected as the second quadrangle to be mapped along the northern rim of the San Juan Basin. The Durango area’s rapid population growth, geologic hazards such as methane seepage, and the natural gas resources give this area a top priority.