OF-97-03 Geologic Map of the Carbondale Quadrangle, Garfield County, Colorado


Includes cross section, booklet of extended descriptions of map units, geologic setting, economic geology, and references. Black and white map of the Carbondale Quadrangle in Garfield County. 24 pages. 1 plate (1:24,000). Superseded by colorized, digital map MS-36 with expanded booklet. Digital PDF download. OF-97-03D

From the Author’s Notes:

Over the past four years the Colorado Geological Survey has mapped the geology of several 7.5-minute quadrangles in the Glenwood Springs-Carbondale-Dotsero area, and additional quadrangles are scheduled to be mapped in future years. The U.S. Geological Survey is mapping 7.5-minute quadrangles in adjacent areas.

This region is geologically fascinating and at times has been very perplexing. Interpretation of widespread evidence of Neogene deformation has been especially challenging. It is becoming increasingly apparent to us that salt tectonism and salt dissolution play major roles in the pervasive Neogene deformation found in this region. Evaporitic diapirism in this area was first proposed by Mallory (1966).