IS-26 Reconnaissance Study of Coal Fires in Inactive Colorado Coal Mines


Reconnaissance study of coal fires in inactive Colorado coal mines. 60 pages. 24 figures. 3 tables. Digital PDF download. IS-26D

From the Introduction:

Between 1984 and 1988 the CGS and Colorado Mined Land Reclamation Division inspected over 50 locations reported as possible coal mine fire sites. Of these, at least 29 were found to be active with most involving abandoned coal mine workings. Several coal-outcrop and refuse-dump fires were inspected and at least some of these sites are burning or smoldering. Many fires have burned for decades or more with the coal fire changing in intensity and character from time to time. Most coal fires in Colorado are inefficient and relatively slow burning. A few fires are quite hot.

This report is intended to compile pertinent information concerning coal fires active in 1988. This information will assist future efforts to study, control or make use of existing coal mine fires.