A Brief History of Colorado Through Time (Geology of Colorado)

2018-03-24 | CGS Admin

One of the many fascinating videos from our geo-friends up the road at University of Colorado-Boulder: A Brief History of Colorado Through Time (Geology of Colorado).

The Interactive Geology Project was formed in 2002 by professor Paul Weimer and colleagues with the goal of producing short 3D animations about the geologic evolution of key US national parks. The first major project focused on the geology of the Colorado National Monument and is still on display in the park’s visitor center. Over time the focus shifted from national parks to animating Colorado’s geologic history, with a key goal of developing a series of 5-10 minute vignettes covering each geologic time period.

The current group of animators joined the project in the summer of 2011. In 2013 they began a major collaboration with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to explore new ways of using 3D technology in earth science education. They work with top subject-area experts to ensure their animations are as scientifically accurate and up-to-date as possible.

Their various projects are on display in museums, parks, and other venues across Colorado, the Western US, and Canada. All of their work is also available to the general public free of charge on the Interactive Geology Project site.

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