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2019-04-05 | Dr. John Hopkins

We’re excited to finally get down to the next round of our web development with Fireant Studios. They are clearly more competent than our last contractor who dilly-dallied for months and never really came through on the front-end design work. Thankfully, that old contract is over and done with!

We are also in the process of a major internal data-space re-organization (well organization is the correct term, as the space has been thoroughly *dis*organized for years). As we are a GIS-heavy organization, our data volume is increasing rapidly, as is the complexity of organizing it. Our next server will be 100 Terabytes and counting! Both the web-development and data-space work reminds us how complex the working environment has become. Software platform updates and changes, OS updates and evolutions, cloud management, and the ever-present, ever-increasing flow of bits and bytes. The rapid development of digital GIS (Geographic Information Systems) is having a radical effect on all our workflows. This will be reflected in the new site where much of its content will be ArcGIS-produced interactive and dynamic map products, including story maps. Stay tuned!

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