Base metals that have been historically mined in Colorado include lead, zinc and copper. There is no current production of these metals although activity will likely increase, as the price of the base metals continues to rise. Copper in particular has soared, the price reaching $4.00 per pound in November of 2010, but has since slowly declined to about $2.50 per pound as of January 2015 as shown in the individual graph below. In comparison, lead and zince are hovering around $1.00 per pound, as shown in the individual graphs below.

Most copper is used in construction (49 percent), electric and electronic products (20 percent), transportation equipment (11 percent); consumer and general products (11 percent); and industrial machinery and equipment (9 percent). The need for copper conductors in alternative (“green”) energy will be significant.

Historical Copper Prices - Copper Price History Chart
Historical Lead Prices - Lead Price History Chart
Historical Zinc Prices - Zinc Price History Chart