Dimension Stone

Dimension stones are quarried slabs or blocks of attractive rock that are used for decorative construction, facing panels, flagstone, sculptures and monuments, and many other projects requiring large, competent masses of stone. Many dimension stone producers may also crush and market some of the stone for landscaping purposes.

The principal Colorado dimension stones include marble, sandstone and granite. The flagstone from the Lyons Formation (pictured right)in Boulder and Larimer Counties is the most widely used material among Colorado dimension stone, along with some granite and marble. Both crushed rock and whole boulders are used as a decorative landscaping material. Granite, gneiss, sandstone, volcanic rock, obsidian, marble, and quartz pegmatite are some of the rock types currently being mined in the state for decorative use. Natural boulders that have a covering of lichen on them are commonly known as “moss rock” in the landscaping industry.