Report Fee Requirements

Standard fee schedule for subdivision reviews
Effective 01 June 2009
Reviews for Counties:

  • Very small residential subdivision (1-3 dwellings and <100 acres): $600
  • Small subdivision (>3 dwellings or lots and <100 acres): $950
  • Large subdivision (>100 acres and <500 acres): $1550
  • Very large subdivision (500 acres or more): $2,500

Reviews for municipalities: At hourly rate of reviewer

Special reviews: At hourly rate of reviewer

School site reviews: $855

Please contact Karen Berry (303-384-2640) or Jill Carlson (303-384-2643) to discuss details of review or other project needs. In some cases, a fixed cost may be practical. In others, it will be more practical to use hourly fees plus other direct costs attributable to the work.