Advisory Committee

CGS has a diverse and dedicated group of professionals advising us on our mapping program. The Geologic Mapping Advisory Committee (GMAC) sets the priorities for Colorado’s program by ranking the twelve, national STATEMAP criteria. Each year they rank our submissions to the competitive program. Following is a list of currently serving GMAC members.


William Nesse – University of Northern Colorado, Emeritus
Yvette Kuiper – Colorado School of Mines

Engineering and Environmental Consultants

Steve Compton – Consulting Geologist
Mike McHugh – City of Aurora Water Resources Division
Ralph Mock – HP Geotechnical
Susan Steele Weir – GMAC CHAIR – Steele and Assoc.
Beth Widmann – Shannon and Wilson – Inc.

Federal Government

Tim Connors – National Park Service
Liane Mattson – U.S. Forest Service
Scott Minor – U.S. Geological Survey
Nick Sandoval – Bureau of Land Management

Oil, Gas, and Mining

James Cappa – Consulting Geologist
Susan Landon – Consulting Geologist

Tribal Government

Karen Spray – Southern Ute Tribe

State Government

Karen Berry – Ex Officio – Colorado Geological Survey
Phil Courtney – Colorado State Land Board
Chris Eisinger – Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
Matt Sares – Alternate Chair
(Kevin Donegan, alternate) – Colorado Division of Water Resources