Where is it found?

Uranium is found across Colorado in many different geological environments. In Colorado’s Rocky Mountain and Colorado Plateau provinces, most of the uranium was mined by hard-rock methods. Prospectors would find uranium outcropping in rocks at the surface and then tunnel back into the strata to mine the uranium ore.

On Colorado’s Great Plains province, the uranium deposits do not crop out at the surface, but are deeper underground. The most practical way to recover these deposits is to pump hot-water solutions into the deposit and dissolve the uranium. Then, pumps withdraw the uranium-rich solution and bring it back to the surface.

One of the ways prospectors located these underground deposits was to study uranium contamination of existing water wells and then drill additional wells to pinpoint the location of the deposit. Many deposits might still remain, unknown, on the Great Plains.

It is equally important,when discussing where uranium is found, to ask “why is it found there?” This report by Jim Burnell, Ph.D., P.G., retired Senior Minerals Geologist from the Colorado Geological Survey, answers that question: Colorado’s Uranium Deposits

Colorado Uranium Districts