Annual Mineral and Energy Industry Reports

Through 2007 and now including 2015, CGS published annual reports on the mineral and energy industries in Colorado. These reports contain a detailed synopsis of industry activities for a given year with data and graphs on production, reserves, revenues, taxes, etc. This data is now being amalgamated and shared through the CGS website under “Data and Statistics” in the Energy Resources section. This newer format allows us to more regularly update these dynamic data sets and provide more accurate analyses. A link to the most current 2015 report is below along with the legacy reports (pdf files) for the following years:

2015 (Information Series IS-78)

2007 (Information Series IS-77)

2006 (Information Series IS-75)

2005 (Information Series IS-73)

2004 (Information Series IS-70)

2003 (Information Series IS-69)