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Presented here is a data repository for Colorado energy resources. The database includes tables, generated charts, and other miscellaneous figures. Data is sourced from various state and federal government organizations, industry, and internal CGS documents. The repository is divided into thematic sections. If a specific set of data you’re interested in is not available, please let us know and we will work to find this information. However, due to staffing reductions as a result of CGS no longer being a part of DNR, this data will not likely be updated in the near future. Thus, this web page is under construction.

Colorado Energy Budget



Crude Oil

Natural Gas

Oil and Gas Wells



Mineral and Energy Industry Activities — Annual Reports (2003 – 2007, and 2015)


The Global Scramble for Natural Resources — Its Impact on Colorado
Dr. Vince Matthews, Former Director, Colorado Geological Survey

A talk that has been given to more than 35,000 Colorado citizens may now be viewed online, courtesy of the University of Colorado-Denver Business School. “The Global Scramble for Natural Resources–Its Impact on Colorado” by the former Director of the Colorado Geological Survey, Dr. Vince Matthews, covers the strain that is being put on mineral and energy resources by the unprecedented global demand of the past decade. To view the video click here. To download the PowerPoint presentation, click here. To download a PDF of the presentation, download here.