The BIG news is that we’ve decided to revive RockTalk this year (2017) as the **NEW** CGS RockTalk Blog so that we can continue to bring you interesting, informative, and timely postings related to our mission.

The first RockTalk newsletters appeared in 1998 and was followed by forty seasonal issues that dealt with all aspects of geology throughout the state of Colorado until the most recent one in 2011. We constantly get requests for back issues and to restart publishing the newsletter, so in accordance with the times, we decided to make the shift to digital media. We hope you will join us!

Content-wise on the blog we’ll be exploring all of the many aspects of our State Survey mission to:

  • Help reduce the impact of geologic hazards on the citizens of Colorado
  • Promote responsible economic development of mineral and energy resources
  • Provide geologic insight into water resources
  • Provide geologic advice and information to a variety of constituencies

And, along the way, we’ll also post pertinent information on general geology, geoscience research and education, science and engineering policy, and other items that cross our screens. If you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch!

RockTalk banner

And for those of you who haven’t seen the print issues, they are available as free PDF downloads at the RockTalk Archive.